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Forum Rules & Guidelines

Please respect other members and that others may have different opinions. This means flaming, hatred, victimisation, character assassination and derogatory stance/comments on this forum will not be tolerated. 
Remember to keep yourself safe, by not giving out your own, or anyone else's, personal information to others. So do not add other people's real names, addresses or phone numbers or any other personal information they would not normally disclose in their own posts or any area that may be publicly viewed. 

Do not share accounts, or tell other people your passwords. And do not post other members' PM’s on ACG forum without their consent. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn't tell it to a stranger in the street then it probably shouldn't be told here. 
If someone posts something which is inappropriate or breaks any of the rules, click the "report post" button above that post which will then be forwarded to the forum's Administration, who will take a look at it and take necessary action. Please do not take the matter into your own hands. However, be aware that Administration may, or may not, agree with your report. 
Keep the focus: posts that wander off track and outside the scope of a certain thread will almost certainly be moved to a more appropriate thread/topic, but may be locked or deleted instead. You may post your own links in your signature (which may be accessed in your control panel). But we do not allow spam threads or posts, this includes inappropriate advertising, meaningless threads and duplicate posting over and over, in any form whatsoever. The ‘General Costume Chat’ thread is available for some off topic discussion, but threads on personal topics, or controversial issues such as religion, politics, sexuality and so on will be deleted. 
Do not link to online auctions unless they are your own. Linking to auctions denies those who have done their homework the fair possibility of a purchase. Auction links that are not your own will be deleted. 
Administration/Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete posts as necessary. 
The ACG is not responsible for any loss or injury, be it financial, privacy, physical, or virtual (including viruses, hack attempts or other malware). 
Posting in the ACG forum means you understand and agree to abide by these terms.